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Registration Paperwork and Documentation

How to Get Us Your Documents

"I don't have a printer, scanner, computer, etc. How can I get you my registration documents?"

This is a question we hear quite frequently. We understand that not everyone has a scanner, computer, and so on. For those who fall into this category, fear not. If after you have downloaded forms and/or have documents that you need to upload to your registration and have no way of doing it, all you need is a phone with a camera on it. Take photos of the documents that we need. You don't need a fancy scanner or expensive hardware. 

At that point, simply perform your registration using any somewhat recent smartphone that connects to the internet and has a camera, and when prompted you will be able to upload the photos you just took. The registration software will ask you for permission to access your phone's camera roll, and from there you simply grant it access so that you can upload the documents. It's that simple.

Let's not forget that you will need access to a printer of some sort, as you will need to be able to print things before you can write on them and then photograph them. Of course you will also need the internet. There's only so much we can do to help you with these things. Sometimes people write us an e-mail letting us know that they don't have internet. Please understand that if you are able to write an e-mail, that means you're on the internet.

Note that we simply cannot take in-person registrations, as CSLL does not have an office space to store paperwork. Please do your best to complete registration and all documentation uploading digitally.

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