Spring 2018 Managers and Coaches Approved

Updated Wednesday January 24, 2018 by Capitola-Soquel Little League.

The board of Capitola-Soquel Little League is proud to announce the list of volunteers who have been approved as managers and coaches for the spring 2018 season.‚Äč If you are interested in coaching or managing, please let us know. 

Given that registration is still in process and the final count of players and teams is uncertain, we could have more managers than needed for a particular division. If that becomes the case, not all approved managers will be appointed to a team. We hope those managers will volunteer as a coach. We anticipate final registration numbers and a final list of team-appointed managers just following the player evaluations on January 20th (and 27th).

The board would also like our mangers and coaches to understand that players are placed in divisions based on age and skill level in accordance with local and Little League International rules. Being approved as a manager or coach in a particular division does not guarantee a manager or coach that their son or daughter will be permitted in that division. Players must evidence the ability to play in any given division during the evaluation process. The league's Player Agent is tasked to ensure this process is followed in the spirit of fairness and achieving parity in our league.

On behalf of the CSLL board, parents and all the kids in our CSLL community THANK YOU for getting involved and volunteering your time!

In no particular order, the list for coaches and managers as of the date of this website article posting is as follows:

Shauna Horton
Patrick Shields
Mike Virgallito
Brett Roby
Johnny Horton
Bart Barker
Scott Niizawa
Mike O'Brien
Roger Waddell
Dave Talavera
Dave Barkman
Gary Flynn
Jason Mattas
Adam Rathert
John Martorella

Michael Behar, Jr.
TJ Moran
Mike McMillan
Jeese Locke
Ryan Cash
Daniel Kamalani
Gabe Kilby
Morgan Burdette
Chase Gonzalez
Gregory McMillan
David McRae
Heajin Kamalani
Forrest Gonsiewski
Tim Claydon
Haydon Hull
Trinidad Ramirez
Danny Keith
Steve Bonar
Jacob Young
Bradley Williams
Chris Lastition

Amanda Drake
Sterling McCormack
David Adams
Brian Method
Brain Price
Michael McGehee
Josh Coleman
Noah Fox
Michael White
Ryan Summerall
Eddie Velasquez
Kim Velasquez
Grant Boles
Trevor Mishler

Chase Gonzalez
Dave Pawlak
Devon Caroselli
Westly Rose
Andreas Marden
Martin Kirch
Bobby Sporl
Gil Courtney
Jeff Pawlak
David Forbus
Tyson Wiles
Erik Barbic

Dave Pawlak
David Ramsey
Dave Williams
Gabbi Zimnicki
Travis Rieber
Jeff Pawlak
Mike Woitte
Chris Coburn
Sean Dilloughery
Michael Maas