AA Umpire Sign-up

Updated Tuesday March 14, 2017 by Capitola-Soquel Little League.

Please check your schedule and use the link below to sign up. Newbies welcome! This is the T-ball of the umpire world.

All managers in AAA and Majors or their staff need to cover at least two games. All managers in AA or thier staff need to cover at least three games. Any currently registered CSLL volunteer can umpire if they know the rules and follow league guidelines.

Sign up using the Google Docs spreadsheet here: Google Docs AA Umpire Sign Up


Features and Rules of the program:

  • It's fun!
  • Every AA manager (and staff) is expected to cover at least 3 of the 64 games.
  • Every AAA and Majors manager (and staff) is expected to cover at least 2 of the 64 games.
  • AAA and Majors players can serve as assistant umpires on the bases and earn $15, payable by voucher at the snack shack.
  • All adult umpires must have a current volunteer application on file with the league.
  • The league supplies the latest Little League Rules "Green Book" and coaches and umpires should know it, along with our local AA rules.
  • The AA division rules, a pre-game umpire checklist and a script are included with the sign up spreadsheet.
  • The league supplies umpire safety equipment.

Thank You,
Mike Crane
Umpire Coordinator